Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance Litigation Attorneys

There is a natural conflict that exists between insurance companies and their customers. Customers rely on insurance companies to pay benefits in accordance with policy terms, especially when they have properly paid premiums over long periods. Insurers, however, are rewarded with higher profits when they pay-out less to their insureds. It’s this situation that gives rise to disputes that often times involve very large sums of money and the resulting complex litigation.

The legal team at Hungeling law has had some of our most significant successes on behalf of clients in the area of insurance. We have effectively represented individuals who have been treated unfairly by big insurance companies in cases where benefits were required to help accident victims after a tragic event. We have also represented C-level executives and managers in massive bank failure cases involving disputes over coverage in excess of $100 million. We take these cases very seriously and will not stand by while our clients face delay, denial and a general treatment of bad faith by the very entities they have "hired" to protect them.

Our experience includes winning conflicts related to federal and state insurance law, policy term application and interpretation, and the amount that is due based on complicated facts. We are ready and willing to handle cases involving:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • General Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Legal and Medical Malpractice Insurance
  • Insurance Broker Malpractice
  • Bad Faith

Time Limits for Filing Claims and Taking Action

If you are facing a legal issue involving an insurance policy, it is critical to move quickly. There are time limits that apply to the claim process, and missing them can have devastating consequences. Our insurance attorneys are here to discuss your unique situation and devise a plan to protect your interests. Contact Hungeling Law today at (404) 647-0341 to speak with our legal team. All information is kept strictly confidential.