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Client Testimonials

Our clients mean the world to us. We are extremely grateful to all of the clients that have allowed us to serve them over the years. Below are a few testimonials from clients that have been kind enough to share their experience on this website. Of course, because each case is different and every client’s problem is unique, these success stories are not intended to guaranty any particular outcome if you hire us to represent you.

“I am indeed fortunate and privileged to have David J. Hungeling representing me. He is a person of the highest integrity and intellect. I owe a great debt to David for his sage advice, tenaciousness and professionalism as my attorney. David has an uncanny ability to focus on the main issues involving major league negotiations. His strength and confidence are not masked by his most pleasant and disarming personality. David has handled a variety of my contractual undertakings. In every single case, what he delivered surpassed even my most optimistic expectations. I have been in business for thirty years, and I have had many fine professionals represent me. I rank David number one among them.”

Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D.

Author, The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind

“The week we contacted David was the worst week of our lives. Our son was hospitalized as a result of a defective product and placed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. At one point in the first 24-hrs we were told that his heart could stop because of the stress on his body. When a mother hears that her 13 month old’s heart could stop her heart stops and in a way is forever changed.

We spoke to multiple lawyers that week. It was awful trying to figure out where to start and what to do after an incident like ours. When making initial calls to different firms I was regularly asked was there a fatality, when I responded no with a lump in my throat I was told they were not interested. I cried as I spoke to my husband telling him I couldn’t believe I was being asked if my son had died. Physically my son was struggling and emotionally my husband and I were broken. When we met David he was a comfort to our family. He sat in our den with our son, ate cookies and expressed true concern for our son’s recovery. Being a father and a professional he knew how to balance the discussion of the case in a kind, effective way. Our thoughts and feelings were always put first with David’s experience and finesse directing the case in the most positive direction we could have imagined.

My son is currently doing well obsessed with trucks and learning to ride a tricycle.”

Kathryn Onufrak

Cleveland, Mississippi

“Dear David, when other firms felt I had no case you took me on. At times my anger overtook me but you helped get through years of summary judgement against a big time doctor and another lawyer who thought they were above the law. At times just getting a judge was like a John Grishom novel of corruption and greed. After everyone said it was not a viable case you won for me. Atlanta is not the humble little southern town everyone thinks it is. Power is meted out on all levels. I will someday write about this but until then this small client is very grateful for your patience and honesty.”

Patsie Morton

Beverly Hills-Samurai Housekeeper

“David represented me in a dispute with my former employer over stock options. The Company tried to claim that I could not exercise my options after I took an early retirement. David took an aggressive but reasonable approach with the Company and they ultimately backed down. He even convinced the Company to pay my attorney’s fees along with the full value of my stock options. I was very pleased with how David handled the matter and would recommend him to others needing someone to stand up for their rights.”

John Matthews

Atlanta, Georgia

“David has represented our international design firm in commercial disputes and collection matters in Georgia for several years. He has a practical approach to litigation, is efficient, and delivers great results. I have worked with a number of large and small firms throughout the country and would not hesitate to recommend David to other businesses that need a commercial litigator.”

David Troncale

“I first hired David’s firm in 2003 to take over a complex litigation matter that was being handled by one of Atlanta’s largest law firms. Although the case was important to me, the large firm just did not seem to have the time or willingness to aggressively pursue the defendants who defrauded me out of $326,000. David’s firm, however, had exactly what I needed. David was passionate about my case and, most importantly, he was not afraid to take it to trial. David confidently tried my case to a jury who returned a verdict of $4.5 million. After the Judge awarded treble damages, the final judgment totaled $13.3 million. But even more impressive than the outcome of the case, was when David later revealed that this was his first jury trial! David has continued to represent my companies in business disputes throughout the Southeastern United States. He is a talented and successful trial lawyer, and fun guy to work with.”

Alexander Silagin

Seattle,-SC W


Thank you so much for your help with my legal matters. I was getting sued by numerous creditors. Thanks to your efforts, I have been able to work out resolutions with all of them. I will be sure to call on Hungeling law the next time I need help with my creditors.”

Real Estate Developer / Commercial Builder

Atlanta, Georgia

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