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Finding Effective Resolutions For Probate & Estate Disputes

Deaths in the family are always difficult, even under the most normal of circumstances. If the loss of a loved one has resulted in a contentious dispute over assets or legal authority, you need a good trial lawyer to sort out the issues and protect your interests.

At Hungeling Rubenfield Law in Atlanta, we help people throughout Georgia deal with the legal issues that arise when a family member dies. You can trust us to stand up for your rights and take care of your legal problems so you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family.

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Skilled And Effective Estate And Probate Litigators

Litigation involving estates and probate can become very complex. We handle all the issues associated with estate and probate litigation, providing representation to beneficiaries and family members. Whether your case involves a will contest or your loved one did not leave a will, you can trust us to skillfully pursue an outcome that is in your favor.

In addition to representing family members who are in disputes, we represent estates that are being sued. It is important to make sure you get these issues taken care of correctly in order to relieve the estate of its liability.

Why Choose Us?

We are not the biggest firm in the Atlanta metro area, but we have a successful track record of achieving big results for our clients. We are confident in our trial abilities and never back down from a challenge. We never hesitate to take on any case or opponent.

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