Taking Down Goliaths
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Protecting Your Financial Interests In An Investment Dispute Or Securities Fraud Case

Have you been taken advantage of by a securities fraud scheme? Are you involved in a dispute over your investments with a business partner or your stock broker? Your money is important and you need an attorney willing to fight to protect it.

At Hungeling Rubenfield Law in Atlanta, we provide aggressive representation to the victims of securities fraud throughout Georgia, handling cases in both state and federal courts. Our lawyers never hesitate to go to trial and will never back down from any opponent.

We may be a small firm, but we are adept at taking down the largest Goliaths in the banking and financial services industry. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Did Your Investment Lose Money?

If you have lost significant amounts of money in an investment deal that did not pan out, it may not have been a matter of chance. You can trust our skilled attorneys to thoroughly investigate your situation and aggressively go after the perpetrators of securities fraud and investment schemes.

A common example of fraud involving mortgage brokers are cases where a broker continuously has you buy and sell investments in order to pad their wallet with transaction fees. You are not an ATM and should not be treated like one. Your livelihood may depend on your investments, and our attorneys will treat your case with the seriousness it deserves.

Are You Part Of A Group?

You may not be the only one who fell victim to securities fraud. Our firm recognizes this and has the resources and skills necessary to handle class action claims at the state and federal level. We frequently collaborate with nationally known class action securities firms to protect the interests of our clients.